Birth Trauma Resolution

Did you know that 60 to 80% of women say they are still recovering from their baby’s birth? That 30% of women are traumatized during the birth of their child and between 2 and 6% go on to develop PTSD as a result. These numbers are high, and the statistics show that women are just as likely to develop PTSD from birth, as soldiers are from war -shocking.

Birth trauma is real, and can result from even a seemingly ‘normal’ birth experience. Yet, there is often little support out there for women who are often suffering in silence and isolation. Mothers are expected to ‘get over it’, and be happy that they have a “healthy baby”. This lack of understanding from health professionals, family and friends can exacerbate the symptoms.

I have epilepsy and had some seizures while pregnant which left me feeling like I was hurting my unborn baby and blamed myself for it. Bonnie’s treatment allowed me to feel a real connection with her during which I felt a very strong sense of her telling me she was okay and not to worry about it; that she understood it was due to matters beyond my control, and just an overall feeling of love. It was an amazing experience and a relief that words cannot describe.
— Miriam Hayek

The effects of trauma after childbirth can include

  • Flashbacks of the birth
  • Inability to sleep even though you are tired
  • Nightmares
  • Agitation and hyper arousal (feeling on guard all the time)
  • Emotional numbing and dissociation: feeling shut down, emotionally disconnected from yourself and from baby
  • Experiencing panic attacks
  • Stressed by reminders of the birth
  • Avoiding all reminders of the event
  • Feeling let down, angry, sad, helpless about the birth

Here’s how I can help

When we experience trauma it goes into our nervous system and affects each area of our life without us realizing it. I provide somatic trauma healing. This is gentle, deep and powerful process work. It will support you to help build resource back into your life, connect with yourself, your baby/child, partner and family. This healing is somatically based (working with the body), experiential and hands on (with respectful, negotiated contact). Its designed to bring about permanent deep change and healing.

My sweet boy and I are so grateful to have found Bonnie at a time when we were really struggling. After a traumatic birth and a rocky start with breastfeeding, we needed help to ensure a strong attachment and a sense of direction toward healing the many difficulties of our beginning. Bonnie came to our house and offered a guiding star and a point of navigation. She helped me understand some of the developmental aspects that my baby missed by not passing through the birth canal (we had a C-section) and what I could do to help practically. She offered us her love and care, as well as her “baby genius”. My son and I were able to re-attune and find the sweet spot that a good beginning would have offered us. Bonnie also set us on the path to resolving some of the issues underlying our breastfeeding difficulty. I am now happily nursing him 10 months later. I am very, very grateful to have had Bonnie’s light at a time when it made all the difference. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to any baby and any mom!
— Jen and Malachy

 Together we

  • Create a safe space where you can share your birth experience exactly how it was, at a pace that is manageable.
  • Take each layer of your experience working somatically (with the body), emotionally, and cognitively to understand and begin to find healing from within.
  • Find safety where there was none, protection that was lacking, and a peace and acceptance to be able to move forward with confidence.