On the Move developmental movement Group Classes

Babies and toddlers are on the move! And that is a good thing because movement is essential to learning. Movement integrates and anchors new information into our neural networks and is crucial for overall development.

Through movement babies and toddlers develop better orientation in space, body awareness and movement options that lead to new connections in their brains. This builds self-confidence and grows children that feel competent, capable and self-assured.

Movement is essential to learning. Movement integrates and anchors new information into our neural networks.
— Carla Hannaford, Smart Moves

Developmental Play with Babies

This is a unique class that creates a playful environment for babies to learn. These classes focus on touch, movement and face-to-face exploration that supports attachment, motor development, social/emotional and cognitive growth. I use a specific quality of touch to ‘map’ the baby’s body awareness in their brain that improves movement. Touch leads to healthier weight gain; better sleep habits and lower levels of anxiety. 

I learned great ways to engage and play with my baby while encouraging his development.
— Kaely
Body movement is the essential element needed for babies to develop a healthy body image, to explore their environment, and to build self confidence through their successful play interactions.
— Beverly Stokes, author of Amazing Babies Moving

Developmental play with babies Class includes

  • Different kinds of touch that support early brain mapping

  • Valuable information on brain and nervous system development

  • Fun ways to incorporate tummy time into your day to day

  • Classic nursery rhymes with touch and movement that follow developmental movement patterns

  • Face to face interactions that develop language acquisition

  • New calming and soothing techniques

  • Different ways to support lifting of the head, rolling, and early crawling

  • World music with great beats and instruments for baby to explore

  • Tips, activities, songs to try at home!

  • A great social environment for both mom and baby!

I have yet to find anything other class quite what Bonnie offers. The activities we’ve learned in her play classes have become daily routine in our home.
— Michelle

Upcoming Class Dates

I am no longer offering group classes in Vancouver. I am however offering online support and education for parents who have questions regarding their babies physical and emotional development and book monthly private consultations in your home when I travel to Vancouver.

I really enjoyed the interaction with the other babies and moms. The structure of the class allowed for this to happen naturally.
— Alexis

Developmental Play with Toddlers

This is a unique class that supports playful interaction with your toddler. This class focuses on different kinds of touch that stimulate their nerve receptors, movement, exploration of the space, and activities that support a variety of skills.  We talk to the toddler’s brain with specific activities that help refine their balance, language skills, social/emotional intelligence and motor planning.

Movement continues to play a critical role in brain function throughout childhood but their exuberant age from one to three is unique because of the rapid brain growth.
— Christine Roberts, founder of Nurturing Pathways


  • A fun environment for your toddler to learn with one on one time with parent or caregiver

  • Opportunities for bonding and attachment

  • Touch and movement which stimulate developmental movement patterns that help organize the brain

  • Great fun music and instruments to play with

  • Ideas for great activities to try at home

  • Repetition each week which is crucial for toddlers learning

  • Opportunities for language acquisition, self regulation and social/emotional skills

  • Practice with transitions from one activity to another

Bonnie is great at what she does, every young child should do this toddler class!
— Cordy Ford-Jaden's Grandma

Upcoming Class Dates

We learned about how to encourage Raya to crawl in a healthy developmental way and about secure attachment ideas and insights.
— Ocea