Healing Early Imprints Intensive

This somatic based process provides a way for adults to resolve early imprinting, and re-pattern deeply stored implicit memories that affect how we operate in the world, and in our most intimate relationships.This workshop is offered in a small group format so as to create safety, intimacy and a nurturing environment.

Increasingly, I enjoy an enhanced sense of internal connectedness, peace, and sense of my space. I also know an evolving awareness of the relationships between my body, mind and spirit. I am more readily able to let go of old habits. I have an increasingly mindful experience when engaged in previously challenging areas of my life.
— Bengt


  • a renewed sense of self and increased self awareness
  • improved connections in relationships
  • better boundaries
  • increased self esteem
  • more effective communication


This 4 day process workshop intensive is co-facilitated by Bonnie Davis and Kristin Sipley

Kristin Sipley

Kristin is a personal and family coach, consultant, and educator. Her passion is to support people to discover what it is they need to be more in their lives in the way they want to be - to improve their quality of life and reconnect to their deepest knowing. Kristin's work helps people work through challenges in their lives, traumatic experiences, and explore what might be in their way of what they want, and discover what it is they need. She specializes in understanding how our earliest experiences impact our lives - our beliefs, our perceptions, and our relationships with ourselves and others.

Bonnie Davis

Bonnie is a craniosacral therapist, perinatal counselor, and developmental movement educator. She loves teaching and facilitating classes and groups. Bonnie is fascinated with the attachment bond between mom and baby, and has been on many quests of learning over the past 20 years. Bonnie's work is committed to empowering, supporting and educating parents and adults. She loves swimming in any body of water, enjoying a really good cup of early grey, spending time in her sweet garden, and anything that signifies soft, warm, and cozy!

I felt that it met my expectations. I was able to connect some of my current emotional and behavioural responses to life events, to the circumstances of my own earliest pre-memory experience. I also responded positively to the healing comments addressing my intention to find my own worth or value.
— Robin

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