Family Continuum Parent Coaching

I offer individual and couple parent coaching services in my clinic space in Vancouver or by Skype. My specialty is supporting you through the lens of an attachment-based perspective. This perspective focuses on strengthening the emotional bond between you and your child.

I will partner with you to explore what the current challenges are, what kind of relationship you want with your child, and together we will explore strategies to get there.

Bonnie creates a sacred space, keeping mindfulness on peace and serenity for mom, dad, babe and our family as a whole. I view all things related to the bearing of children differently since you came into our lives. The example Bonnie sets is one that comes from a quiet, yet fiercely intentioned place.
— Jenny

Throughout this process we will uncover what your child needs to feel safe, secure and calm, and discover what supports both of you to find a way back to a secure relationship.

Research shows children do well and behave well when they are feeling met, seen, heard and loved. The current attachment research also indicates that the way we were raised has significant influence on how we parent our own children, and if raised in a challenging environment, it can interfere with our ability to parent effectively. Together we will unravel these challenges, and give you tools to find our own 'parenting style' that works for you.

Through this process you will discover positive aspects of yourself and your child, with a greater sense of purpose in your parenting role and rediscover the joy of parenting again.


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