Educational Seminars & Workshops for Professionals

Family Continuum provides a series of informative developmental seminars/workshops designed to assist all childcare professionals in their work supporting the health of children and families.

I found Bonnie’s presentation to be extremely informative and entertaining. Bonnie does a wonderful job in presenting the material in a concise and understandable way. I recommend all childbirth professionals to attend this talk!
— Lana Knoll, Midwife

informative and fun seminars/workshops support

  • nurses
  • doctors
  • midwives
  • doulas
  • childcare professionals
  • caregivers
  • childcare workers
  • parent educators
  • early childhood educators
  • infant massage therapists
  • physical therapists
  • occupational therapists


Previous clients include

  • British Columbia Women's Hospital
  • Boundary Family and Individual Services Society
  • Craniosacral Therapy Students


How to Support Secure Attachment

Supporting secure attachment in a daycare, hospital or as a birth professional





I love that there is a research-based resource for parents in Vancouver.
— Eva, Nurse

The Biology of Infant Sleep

Supporting parents with evidence based research on the needs of infants and sleep, what to expect from their baby and how to cultivate healthy sleep habits.

I am so grateful to have received such relevant information from this presentation. Bonnie’s delivery was clear, fun, easy to understand and priceless with regards to learning the necessary heart-skill presence newborns need and deserve.
— Sarah Pidutti, RCST, Birth Doula

Craniosacral therapy

Supporting secure attachment as a therapist that works with babies, including craniosacral therapists.

I invited Bonnie Davis to be a guest speaker at my pediatric Craniosacral Therapy class. Bonnie is a gifted presenter. It was clear that she had immersed herself in the topic of Attachment and Bonding and delivered the material it a way that was logical focused and entertaining. Many students commented that it was a valuable and enlightening experience.
— Brenda Pulvermacher, RCST, BCST,

Tummy Time Fun!

This fun workshop for nurses, childcare professionals, doulas and midwives will give you hands on skills to support the babies you work with to increase their body awareness, which stimulates brain development: the foundation for physical, social/emotional and cognitive development.


The importance of Movement

Cultivating an environment of learning with babies and toddlers through touch, movement and face-to-face interaction. You will learn why movement is so important for learning, how the brain is wired through movement.

Bonnie did a totally marvelous job of conveying the information in a good, useful way for parents.
— Myrna Martin RN, RCC, RCST


Understanding and supporting toddler's overall development

You will learn how a toddler’s brain develops, how their brain grows, what to expect from them, and how to support their social/emotional, cognitive and motor development.

The information in Bonnie’s presentation is such a good reminder of what babies and parents need to start down the road to healthy relationships. The brain development research leaves no doubt in my mind that I need to slow the pace when offering support to all the children and families I’m working with.
— Julia Stockhausen, Infant Development Consultant
Bonnie’s presentation ‘Inside the Newborn Brain’ brings awareness to all that our society needs to return to the connected village in support of the parent/child attachment. She shares clear scientific research on brain development which sheds light on the infant experience through a consistent, caring, and loving primary caregiver linking this directing to how the infant will thrive and be positively influenced for future success in life. I walked out feeling empowered, and emotionally ready to embrace my responsibility to consciously parent with heart. Thank you for creating such a strong awareness of what an infant needs and deserves. I would definitely recommend this seminar.
— Marla Evans Doula, ECE, Birth and Postpartum Doula
I really appreciated the infant brain development workshop, and have already shared parts of it with pregnant couples. It’s easier for them to understand baby-time and baby-processing and over-stimulation when I explain the neurological background.
— Hanne



All workshops are 2-2.5 hour presentations that include experiential learning and discussion. To inquire about my teaching schedule or opportunities to organize a workshop, email me at