Family Continuum Parent Education

These are great workshops, I would recommend all of them. It helps to foster patience when you understand the why.
— Michelle

As a parent there can be a plethora of daily information and opinions about parenting that we are exposed to. This can sometimes be overwhelming with so many decisions to make, with differing opinions of one book saying one thing, another book saying the opposite, our mother in law giving yet another opinion and then the internet confusing us even more!

How can we trust our intuition to guide us and at the same time make informed choices that are steered by evidence based research of what ultimately supports our child’s development?

I feel inspired and reminded that most of my parenting is where I would like it to be, but learned new tools to add. This was extremely useful.
— Barb

These workshops are based on the latest research in neuroscience, child development, and the attachment field, and offer education on what best supports our babies/toddlers in their long term overall development. Each presentation is 2-2.5 hours long and include a keynote slide and video show, along with lively discussion and Q&A.

It was nice to have practical information that we could use right away-and that way we took more out of the workshop and remembered more.
— Gillian
I went to all three of Bonnie’s talks when I was pregnant with my daughter. I’ve found myself referencing my notes from her talks often as my daughter goes through new stages, and found much comfort within them in trying times.
— Michelle

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Understanding the stages of development will be helpful so that I can come up with my own appropriate and creative solutions. Thank you! This was well organized and well presented.
— Annelie