Pre & Perinatal Therapy

Are you tired of talk therapy? Would you like to get at the root issues of your problems? Are you curious about how your early life experiences in life may be affecting you today?

All of us have experienced stress and trauma to some degree in our early life. Unresolved early trauma can significantly impact our current daily life. As we experience challenges in our day-to-day life, these can layer on top of our earliest imprinting.

What does early imprinting mean? Our earliest moments from pre-conception to early infancy are the most powerful formative times in our development. These early experiences shape the development of our brain and nervous system. Our psychology, physiology and behaviour patterns are imprinted in these early developmental stages. From preconception to 3 years old, these neural pathways are forming and affecting areas of the brain involved in social and interpersonal relationships. This forms the foundation for bonding and attachment.

These memories become embedded in our physiology, meaning they become like imprints in your nervous system. You are not aware that you may be reacting to current situations in your adult life, from these early imprints. Why is that? Because these ‘memories’ are implicit, meaning they are a pre-verbal, unconscious ‘body memory’ and they influence our behaviour. Evidence now confirms that many health issues- autoimmune, stress related, degenerative disease, psychological conditions and many others arise from how our brain and nervous system get wired up from early on in our life.

Okay, now for the good news. The nervous system and brain can be re-patterned or re-wired. Yes, the brain is malleable and has incredible plasticity and can develop new pathways throughout life. It is possible to create new imprints that can support your health, personal growth and go on to forge strong, loving and stable relationships.

Using a sensitive slow-guided approach, it is possible to access body held memories from early life, and shift held patterns in the body as well as core belief systems that may be interfering with your ability to enjoy your life today. It is possible to create new imprints.


Healing Early Imprints Intensives

This somatic based process provides a way for adults to resolve early imprinting, and re-pattern deeply stored implicit memories that affect how we operate in the world, and in our most intimate relationships. This workshop is offered in a small group format so as to create safety, intimacy and a nurturing environment. This 4 day process workshop intensive is co-facilitated by Bonnie Davis and Kristin Sipley.

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