Is Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night?

Did you know? 

  • Babies sleep patterns are different from your own?
  • It can take many months before babies become fully adapted to the 24 hour day
  • Newborns can’t distinguish day from night
  • There is no research to support the idea that falling asleep alone makes children more independent
  • Babies sleep patterns differ from individual to individual
  • Babies sleep patterns are affected by several important developmental milestones
  • Falling asleep is a learned behaviour that takes time

Is Your Baby Sleeping Through the Night?

Come learn about the biology of sleep in babies, and how much brain development is happening while they sleep.  Understand what’s fair to expect a baby to sleep and why night waking is normal. Gather ideas on different sleeping arrangements and how you can create healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. Babies are welcome. Presentation is 2 - 2.5 hours long.

You will learn:

  • What is normal for a baby to sleep
  • What is going on inside the babies brain when they sleep
  • What babies are needing from us and how that affects their brain development
  • What are their sleep cycles and why
  • What is fair to expect from your baby at different ages
  • The effects of stress on a babies brain
  • How you respond to the baby affects them long term
  • Different ideas on sleeping arrangements
  • Healthy solution based ideas on how to create healthy sleep habits